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Evon Allure -- first appearance in Chapter 1

Age: 18

Sex: Female

Species: Bear

PROFILE: Left orphan at an early age from the mysterious death of her parents, Evon grew up in a school ran by Ferneris. She lived there for years until she learned that Ferneris was keeping secrets from her, one of which was her father's spell book. After she ran after from the school she located Herodotus to help her retrieve her father's book that she had to leave behind. Evon is a very talented magic user, even more talented than she realizes, but she still has a lot to learn.

Herodotus Dent -- first appearance in Chapter 1

Age: 27

Sex: Male

Species: Rat

PROFILE: A wandering hero and mercenary that Evon has recruited to help her escape, Herodotus is very skilled with his chosen weapon, the Falchion. He is a fierce combatant and a stalwart friend. He does not talk much about where he comes from and there is much about him that Evon does not know. He has a strong sense of honor and is willing to help anyone whose cause he feels is just.


Felvis Gibraulti -- first appearance in Chapter 4

Age: 29

Sex: Male

Species: Red Fox

PROFILE: A childhood friend of Herodotus’, Felvis is the headmaster of one of the most prestigious schools of magic in all of Herrah, the School of the Ninth Star.

Corrin Barica -- first appearance in Chapter 4

Age: 21

Sex: Male

Species: Bear

PROFILE: A teaching assistant at the School of the Ninth Star, Corrin is an accomplished scholar and magic user. He can also be very charming and has quite a hand with the ladies.

Venir Trakis -- first appearance in Chapter 1

Age: 31

Sex: Male

Species: Wolf

PROFILE: A mercenary and wondering hero, Venir has been friends with Herodotus for several years. His honor is not as stronge as Herodotus’, he works only for profit, be it money or physical reward. When Evon comes to hire Herodotus, he refuses to help and goes his own way.


Ferneris the Gray -- first appearance in Chapter 1

Age: 230

Sex: Male

Species: Wolf

PROFILE: One of the higher ranking members of the Cabal, Ferneris was charged with raising Evon and modeling her into a future member of the Cabal. Having lost Evon, he will do whatever he can to recapture her and redeem himself.

Maximus the Cruel -- first appearance in Chapter 3

Age: 110

Sex: Male

Species: Hyena

PROFILE: A more rebellious member of the Cabal, Maximus has always viewed himself as a rival to Ferneris and wants to prove that he is more competent than the old wolf. He is not completely loyal to Sevarian and may have his own plans for Evon.

Lanna the Shadow -- first appearance in Chapter 4

Age: Unknown

Sex: Female

Species: Wolf

PROFILE: The youngest member of the Cabal, (just don't ask her age. Seriously, don't ask), she is a master of the art of necromancy. She is often very sarcastic and taunting. She is very close to Traveller, and together they have a secret plan to take over the Cabal.

Traveller the Craft -- first appearance in Chapter 4

Age: 432

Sex: Male

Species: Bear

PROFILE: A powerful spellcaster and the oldest member of the Cabal, Traveller feels that he age and wisdom should have been the deciding factor in who should lead to organization. He is loyal to Sevarian, for the time being, to gain his trust so that he can move in and take command. Is presently involved in a romantic affair with Lanna the Shadow.

Legune the Alchemist -- first appearance in Chapter 4

Age: 297

Sex: Male

Species: Rat

PROFILE: A brilliant, if twisted, alchemist, Legune was involved in an accident years ago that has completely deformed his body. His strength lies in the laboratories of Sevarian's strong hold where he carries out his experiments to benefit the Cabal in any way he can.

Shakar the Manipulator -- first appearance in Chapter 4

Age: 127

Sex: Male

Species: Tiger

PROFILE: The newest member of the Cabal, Shakar just managed to wiggle his way in because Sevarian believes his ability to worm his way into the confidence of powerful and important people is more useful than his meager skills with magic. He is also very wealthy from trafficking in illegal magic. He lives in a large castle in Pridelands.

Sevarian the Powerful -- first appearance in Chapter 1

Age: 366

Sex: Male

Species: Lion

PROFILE: The leader of the Cabal, Sevarian rose to power due to his quick ability to act and his strong use of magic. Over the years he gathered powerful and capable magic users to join his organization. His sole purpose is to take over all of Herrah. He wants to use Evon to carry out his plan because he believes that she possess the power to tap into the very earths energy and use it to his advantage. He commands complete respect and does not take failure lightly.

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