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Places where I can be found:


Some rarely updated DA site of some second rate artist...I don't know why I put it here....

Ask Me Anything!

This seemed like fun :-D And I'm sure it well be until the spamming starts... but then that could prove to be fun too...

Live Journal

I'll be posting news and events here once in a while so make sure to check often

Comics and sites I like to check out:

Broken Plot Device

A webcomic by Lis "LizardBeth" Boriss, very funny :)

Bear Nuts

A webcomic by Allison Acton... Care Bears they are not :-D

Half Pixel

Home to Webcomics Weekly, a webcomics podcast hosted by Kris Straub, Dave Kellet, Scott Kurtz, and Brad Guigar. If you draw comics, or art of any kind, they are a must listen to.

Collected Curios

Home of Sequential Art, a webcomic by Phillip M. Jackson aka Jolly Jack


Home to Jay Naylor's "Better Days" and his new comic "Original Life." Warning; his site also contains his adult works.

The New Belfry Webcomics Index

Webcomics capital of the world :)

Catena Comics.

Cute and innocent furry comic by DeBray and Tracy Bailey. Has a very "Saturday Morning Cartoon" feel to it :-)

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